little weekend snippets

we saw arcade fire in concert as an extension of ben's birthday. they were really great. i love going to concerts... it makes me feel like we're all cool and in college again... and all carefree. what a fun feeling.
we, tried we, the pizza. it's a new pizza joint on the capitol hill. it was fun. although i think i am partial to its chubbier sister, good stuff eatery.
we saw an anomaly at the metro center metro station. no one on the right platform on a saturday night. kind of eerie.
and then we saw inception. and our minds were blown. then i dreamed about the film that same night. and then i decided i want to see it again. i liked it.

we also attended church, learned that one of our favorite little ladies, six-year-old kaleila is moving, so sad.
and we had the lovely caroline over for dinner. thanks for being my friend, caroline. and now ben's too.

hope y'all had a great weekend.

arcade fire concert image taken with the toy camera app on my iphone.
inception image via.


Rhianne said...

Wow, I've still never seen Arcade Fire - I bet they were amazing - they are still on my list of bands to see!

Sounds like a great weekend - I want to see Inception again too.

communikate. said...

You saw Arcade Fire?? Ugh. I'm BEYOND jealous!

shayna said...

Not Kaleila...Did you kind of wish that when you stepped out of the Inception movie that somehow it had only been 4 minutes? Wouldn't it have been cool if the movie makers had figured out how to pull that off.

our little love nest said...

All I can hear myself saying to you is, "lucky"...kind of like when I was a little kid at school and my friend got a lollipop in her lunch while I was stuck with celery. ;)

Peggy said...

Was that a picture of the metro after "Inception" was over and the people were all on one side fearing the other metro wall would wrap over them? Pretty powerful! It was so hard to separate dream from reality.
But what image is more powerful than Ben with two ten gallon sodas at his side. Love it.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Arcade fire... so jealous. Looks like you had a great weekend (:

Bridget said...

i want to do all of this. done.

ag. said...

wow, great photos! that metro one really does look a little eerie! sounds like a great weekend!

S and O said...

I'm going to see inception this weekend with my big brother and I simply can't wait!!!
I haven't heard one word against it yet and I have a lot of friends who've already been to see it :)


MyLittlePhotographs said...

yay! I love Arcade Fire. Going to concerts makes me feel really young too!