more of big houston (because everything is bigger in texas)

if you're ever in houston, try teotihuacan mexican restaurant. their mini burritos and enchiladas are extremely delicious. not to mention the salsa verde. i almost drank that stuff.
downtown houston
a blurry armadillo and some rocking chairs set out for people waiting to be picked up from the houston-hobby airport
em&ben at the houston lds temple.
the groomsmen with the groom
waiting for our lunch
the cute newest marrieds, celeste and brandon
brandon + ben = buddies
the groom's cake (a tradition in texas)
the groom, bride and groomsmen cutting the cake together (not a tradition in texas)
all the groomsmen fed the cake to the groom
blowing bubbles at the send off

others tidbits about the weekend in houston:
everything really is bigger in texas
texas is really just like its own country
i love hearing people say, "y'all" and "fixin"
houston august heat is in fact much worse than dc august heat
it is possible to feel like you've known someone for a while even after just meeting them


shayna said...

Oh great, it's only 10 a.m. and I'm craving Mexican food.

Rose Red said...

Great pictures. I've never been to Houston, is it terribly humid?

communikate. said...

Cute dress! Love that color on you!

Peggy said...

I loved this blog! Everything looks amazing! Great pictures. I've never been to Texas either, or to a wedding where the men wear pink. I like it! and I like the rocking chairs. That is hospitality. It would even make an armadillo feel right at home.
the temple is like no other. Viewing that blew my sox off. You are all too cute. The good bye didn't look happy; good thing you had a friendly pepper upper and some bubbles.

Damaris said...

I want to go to Texas for the food. Big plate of food.

iheartkiwi said...

i love it! i grew up in new mexico just a few miles from the texas border :)

i miss tex-mex food like nobody's business. it looks like you had a great weekend!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Okay, 1- Can I please have some of that mexican rice and 2- Those pink vests are wicked cool! Makes your hubby look even more handsome if thats even possible!! Hope you're having a lovely week:)

7upkels said...

ahaha. my friend had a mission companion from texas who proudly hung the state flag and after everything would say... "yes elder dahl, everything is bigger in texas" haha - this just reminded me of it.

what a fun/beautiful wedding!

Brittany said...

LOVE your orange dress.

i have a new best friend from texas and my brother is serving there. i love to see pictures.

Linds said...

i heart the blurry armadillo.

sienna said...

i'm loving the pink vests. congrats brandon and wife!