the W in the DC

we had happy hour lemonade and yummy calamari, chilled artichoke and cheesecake with our friend, danny on monday.

the happy hour(s) took place at the p.o.v. (point of view) restaurant on the roof terrace of the W hotel in washington dc. the food was fun, the company great, but the view was the best, by far. it's probably one of the better point of views in the city, hence the name of restaurant.

danny is my friend-who-happens-to-be-my-coworker-and-ice-cream-buddy-too. it's really nice to hang with him and ben so they can be friends too.

thanks men, a great time was had by all.


shayna said...

Nice haircut Ben. Nice face emily.

our little love nest said...

Wowza girl...awesome photography! Looks like it came out of some incredible looking foodie book!
That cheese cake looks incredible and I love artichokes too!
Hope your day is full of good stuff!

Rose Red said...

I love your city! You guys always have the best time.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

The Grilled artichoke looks so yummy. They have a W here in Hollywood that I've been wanting to go to, this might have convinced me:) Have a lovely Wednesday

*Lesli* said...

you guys are always eating such yum food!

Anonymous said...

ugh, that calamari is making me drool!


Mandy said...

That food!!!

And your skirt is seriously so cute.

Peggy said...

Is that a bit of a flush to your face? It must be hot. The photos are amazing, as is the view.
Langusta or camarones, but not calamari please. We tried to save too many on them on the beach at Punta Final. but I'm in for artichokes and cheesecake.