weekend of weddings

kevin and anna :: logan, utah (at the lds temple)
brandon and celeste :: houston, texas (at the lds temple)
ben made it to kevin and anna's wedding on thursday in logan, utah.
then ben and i met up in houston on friday for brandon and celeste's wedding that was on saturday.

weddings are so fun. especially when you are super close to the people getting married.
kevin and brandon are long time very close friends of ben's (and mine too...)

brandon and celeste's wedding was the first i've been to since ben and i were married. i felt nervous and excited all day--- i think because i remember so well what it was like to be married. all those feelings came rushing back.

so glad we went. so tired now that we're back.


Rose Red said...

I love weddings! The bride looks stunning and so do you. That really is a lovely color on you.

kELLO! said...

it's so much fun to go to weddings after you're married. i love going with james. it make me all giddy and like a bride again :)

shayna said...

Hot girl in orange. HOT GIRL IN ORANGE. Really good choice with the dress.

CoreyandShanda said...

I've always liked weddings...but after I got married I liked them even more! I agree...all those amazing feelings come rushing back! It makes me so happy for them! :)
I agree with Shayna...loving that spicy orange dress! Woowoo!

Linds said...

so sad we missed ben. so glad you were able to attend a wedding. they are the best thing ever!

except for maybe that peach gelato below ;)

carlotta said...

sounds like a lovely time! i, too, love weddings...they're so fun and festive :)

laden backpack said...

weddings are hinge points in the sea of time...a moment so small yet made bigger than life by the significance of it all.
hey what's up with the stone building, how come we can't see more of that, I love to see the people but I am all about construction and structures, any left over pix of more of the structure...good post kid

sienna said...

congrats to the happy couples! i'm so glad you got to be there to celebrate with them.