weekend scenes in dc (scenes without people)

julia child's kitchen at the smithsonian museum of american history
the entrance to see the star spangled banner (also at the smithsonian museum of american history)
funny ducks


paddling around in a little blue boat

this is the tidal basin...on saturday...
ben, me and friend scotty took out the little paddle boats on the tidal basin in dc.

i've been bugging ben alllll year about doing the paddle boats. and well as fun as it was... i think the boat we ended up getting was a little old.
and a little difficult to paddle.

but umm. luckily ben and scotty paddled most of the time :)


scotty comes to visit & other fun happenings

me at the smithsonian american history museum (with c3po and michelle obama's inaugural gown)
quite possibly my favorite photo of the weekend
our friend, scotty came to visit this weekend. he is one of our very best friends from college. he's known us as long as we've known us.

scotty had never really seen this district of columbia that we live in--- so it was really great seeing the must sees and eating the must eats (of course). i love when ben and i have visitors or travel. it's such a good excuse to eat lots of exciting things that aren't always the most healthy for you.
visitors and travel are such a good excuse!

it's also good to remember... and to appreciate the beautiful things that surround us in this city. i need more nice reminders like that.

thanks again, scotty!


why life is funny

isn't it funny...

when you want something...

and then you get it...

and then you're not sure if you want it anymore.

hmmm. funny.


lobstah food truck date

yes, we waited in line yesterday for lobster rolls. yes we waited for about an hour. yes it was the yummiest lobster concoction i've had. yes, the lobster is from maine.
yes, i'd wait in that line again.

we decided we had good reasons to go... because this week:

was my half birthday (hehe)
will be the 5th anniversary of our first date (!!!)
was last day of summer (i'm ok with that...)

i loved sitting and talking... talking about when we were dating and replaying those first few dates again. It's amazing how much has happened and changed since then.
As much fun as dating was... being married is way funner.

thanks red hook lobster pound.


the perfect background :: brick

lately i've been noticing...

a really good brick wall is one of the more perfect backgrounds for portraits.

just sayin'


i can tell that we are gonna be friends

i can tell that vanilla rooibos and i are going to be friends this semester. this fall. this winter.

it's my little pick-me-up... especially after a long day of work, studying and then late class.

i guess it wouldn't hurt if i had this camera lens mug either. hint hint nudge nudge wink wink.

rooibos is a south african tea that is caffeine free and quite delicious! the vanilla rooibos is usually made with milk. yumm. tea latte...


date night in montréal

flank steak
salmon with dill (cooked at a low temperature for a loooong time)
fried cheese
carrot cake
brasserie t! in montréal was yet another nytimes 36 hours in ____ treasure.

it's pretty obvious ben and i love food and we do our best to try the yummiest (for both taste and price) restaurants when we visit new places or just around dc, where we live.

i loved the restaurant and how it was shaped. long and skinny.
i loved our server. i loved the way she spoke.
i loved that we got pretty much the last seats in the restaurant.
i loved feeling like i was caught in a french-american daydream.
i loved double-date night with shayna and eric. internationally, of course.


i love the bratt (brattleboro, that is)

all local foods= really, really yummy
we ate this while still in vermont, but on our way to boston for the red sox game!
things i love about brattleboro and just vermont in general:

sister shayna and brother-in-law eric live there
the fantastic little shops full of antiques, vintage items and second hand goodies
the brattleboro farmer's market (here)
vermont cheddar
ben & jerry's ice cream
the fall leaves
the people
pretty much a lot of other things, too
and of course, calendars on the wall *wink*

i am just really missing vermont and sister time. the end.

see other vermont posts when ben & i visted last year here, here and here.


picnic in the park.

i wanted to visit meridian hill park all summer but we decided it would be too hot for a picnic until "the fall." since the weather was below 80 degrees for some of saturday, we ate our lunch at the park. it's a gorgeous park.

and it's a national park.

i hope we get back up there when we go grab food around the u street neighborhood and hang with all the hipsters at the park.
additionally, there is a drum circle in the park every sunday evening. it's supposed to be pretty happening.

aside from the park being really pretty and happening, i had a really great time with ben

we laughed a lot

we always laugh together but there is something about laying on a blanket in the park and watching the squirrel in the tree above you scramble around. we kept wondering if the little squirrel was going to fall on us or not.

and we people watched. i love that.


boeuf bourguignon

last night's dinner was boeuf bourguignon for my usual back-to-school-special-home-cooked-dinner.
and homemade gelato for dessert, of course.

ben made the back-to-school dinner, like usual. and maybe i helped.

the boeuf is just as fantastic as julia child says it is. it was "fun and delicious" as ben said.
i say, it was great to cook together--- especially something that takes a while and that's a team project. i think anything that takes over an hour is considered fancy.

as a really good song says, "you warm me up like beef stew."

see the other back-to-school dinners here and here.


fenway, red socks and the green monster

big papi (david ortiz) hitting a home run
bro-in-law eric with sister shayna. they're married.
we're sisters
we're married.

we made it to fenway, where the boston red socks play, on monday. it's a surprisingly small ball park. but the fans, oh the fans. they LOVE the red socks. it's fantastic to feel like you're part of a team.

(the green monster is a big green wall in the park that makes it difficult for players to hit over it. we saw a home run hit over it!)