and then there was ikea

sometimes i wish ikea would just redecorate my whole apartment already. redecorate just like a showroom. not to mention put together all the furniture so i don't have to do it.

ben and i had a low key weekend, doing things like this except for the part where we totally rearranged our bedroom and were putting things in their place until 1 in the morning on saturday. and there was the last minute reading for my class that i hadn't even started yet...


it feels nice to have things redone, reorganized and redecorated:
a/ you get to really clean those hard to reach places
b/ you get a sense of accomplishment
c/ it's like a whole new bedroom, in a good way



shayna said...

I'm addicted to that crap. Just clean clean clean. I really want a few things from IKEA, can you beam them over here?

Rose Red said...

Reorganizing and cleaning always makes home feel so much better.

Jocelyn said...

oh how I love IKEA too!!!!

communikate. said...

i know.. i try to act cooler than ikea.. but who am i kidding it's ridiculously cheap and wonderful.

i'm wishing for a shopping spree there right about now!

Adele said...

i have a friend from sweden who once told me that he decorated his apartment to look exactly like a showroom he saw in ikea!!! hahahaha, brilliant! xo

Linds said...

i always get super turned around in ikea. but i'm totally a fan. would love to see photos of your redone reorganized redecorated :)