date night in montréal

flank steak
salmon with dill (cooked at a low temperature for a loooong time)
fried cheese
carrot cake
brasserie t! in montréal was yet another nytimes 36 hours in ____ treasure.

it's pretty obvious ben and i love food and we do our best to try the yummiest (for both taste and price) restaurants when we visit new places or just around dc, where we live.

i loved the restaurant and how it was shaped. long and skinny.
i loved our server. i loved the way she spoke.
i loved that we got pretty much the last seats in the restaurant.
i loved feeling like i was caught in a french-american daydream.
i loved double-date night with shayna and eric. internationally, of course.


Peggy said...

who are those two good looking couples in the restaurant. I would sure like to know them. nice post
laden backpack through peggy

shayna said...

Can't believe Eric and I went on a double date with another couple. We just don't do that very often (if ever). Remember how we all just sat at the bar and stared at our server?

Caroline said...

You guys are too cute!! And ... if you get the chance to visit California again lets meet I think we would go on a grand food adventure!! Hugs! xo

our little love nest said...

Don and I spent 10 days in Montreal several years ago. Even the hostels there are just magnificent. Shopping and restaurants are even better. So cool that you went to Canada. I miss it so very much...needing a trip home in a HUGE way! xo

Linds said...

fried cheese? that looks divine. well all of it does. i need to go out on a good date-it's been too long. hmmm. maybe like 3 months ;)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Oh, how fun! You guys were in Montreal!! Ahhh this makes me think of home. I'm from Orleans (ontario) which is approx 1 hour and 20 minutes from Montreal. This makes me miss home a little. We used to spend most of our weekends in Montreal. I hope you had a great weekend:) And thank you for your kind words