an evening in georgetown

this week, friend caroline and i got crêpe amour in georgetown. the crêpes are fairly delicious :)

i decided i really really love georgetown especially when i don't have to worry about parking.
and when walking along the river involves nice weather.
and finding the right drawer knobs at anthropologie isn't so bad either.

georgetown might be perfect if there was a metro stop there... but at least this way i am encouraged to walk a little more.

walking is good for me


laden backpack said...

crepes were fairly delicious was all. I suspect that statement was made with respect and deference for the world's best crepes. Those world famous crepes have not been served in Georgetown but I suspect they could be. How about a backpacking stove on the bridge railing at sunset.

shayna said...

Yep...the world's best crepes, brought to you on birthdays in the Proctor family kitchen. I want to see the perfect drawer knobs. Please?

Linds said...

crepes remind me of birthdays. especially yours. :)