fenway, red socks and the green monster

big papi (david ortiz) hitting a home run
bro-in-law eric with sister shayna. they're married.
we're sisters
we're married.

we made it to fenway, where the boston red socks play, on monday. it's a surprisingly small ball park. but the fans, oh the fans. they LOVE the red socks. it's fantastic to feel like you're part of a team.

(the green monster is a big green wall in the park that makes it difficult for players to hit over it. we saw a home run hit over it!)


LikeAstaR said...

you and your life are cool. and pretty.

laden backpack said...

what a game. baseball is a blast in the stands and a real boring trip on TV. too many ads and too much talk without the smell of hot dogs and the electrifying feeling of the crowd. been to games in san francisco and st. louis. the green of the field under the lights attracts me like a moth to a flame. you hit a homer with this one

shayna said...

Oh, but remember the hot dogs? And the machines that just dispense massive amounts of onions? What about the drunk sleeping man we had to crawl over?