friday in boston

the clearly marked freedom trail and ben behind george washington
emily and shayna behind some unknown figures
ben got the "sister talk" shot
nobody knew our names. at cheers.
photo shop bromfield saved our life and sold us a spare battery for our nikon. thank you.
enjoying the nice sun at the public gardens
a baw-ston (boston) farmer's market
food enjoyed: mushroom & truffle hash, lobster & leek hash at woodward
pizza and arancini at galleria umberto
for a slice that says yummm
pastries in little italy. we tried mike's and modern and the winner is mike's for better cannoli.
nice brick at paul revere's home
ben and i started our long weekend in boston, massachusettes. i had never been there before.
since sister shayna lives in vermont (and really, we went to see her and her husband, eric)- shayna met up with us on friday for our tour of boston.

she probably thinks all we do is just do a food tour of places we visit. but you have to eat well when you can--- ya know?

i loved boston. it is a really cute little city, very walkable and the public transit is fantastic too. the food was good. the history and learning was fun. and the company was greatest.

thanks to zagat, 36 hours in boston by the nytimes and bridget and elizabeth for your tips and help!


shayna said...

Every time I sit in front of a brick wall it makes me laugh. So hard. Please come back. Please?

Bridget said...

sooo glad you had a good time. and you tried mikes and modern?! go you- big debate for ever and ever about which is better. but i would say mikes usually wins. was the weather nice? it looks decent, except that crazy fog! anyway, thanks for the link.

laden backpack said...

the anonymity of the city, the food the bricks, the fog, the green...great photos, great day. all of this experience inspires creativity.

naomi megan. said...

FOOD is the main reason behind most of what josh and i do. i'm so glad you and ben are the same way.

and you and your sister shayna are so cute. pretty pretty smiles.

Caroline said...

Emily you are too cute!!! Love the photos! xo

communikate. said...

boston is in top five favorite cities. i'm thinking i need to live there at some point in my life.

glad you guys got away! what a great weekend!

Receli said...

That food looks soooo delicious!!! Looks like a good weekend!

kELLO! said...

oh i have been away from your blog for a couple days and it felt like coming home. i've missed you! haha. ok. your sisters necklace and your shoes- I MUST HAVE. love it. no one knew our names at cheers either :( boo.

Sonja said...

YAyyy! Mikes!!!
I spent a summer in Boston, (well, Cambridge) and any chance I got to go to little Italy...I ran! hehehe
I really like your blog, such awesome documentation.../ memories! :o)

morgan said...

I adore Boston! I went for a week about a year ago and fell in love with it! Out of everywhere I've been..It's my favorite city. I love Cambridge and little Italy!


Linds said...

i'm crushing on such lovely necklaces. and such lovely ladies.

CoreyandShanda said...

Love Boston, Love your photos, and love YOU!

Peggy said...

i totally missed this and it is great! The photos fabulous! the weepy willows gorgeous. Ben/Washington is crazy fun as are the female/males. Nice perspective on the Beacon St. sign. What a cute shot of the sisters on the sidewalk. Sorry, i'm crazy for cukes and zukes. And the buildings in the fog are amazing. Wow, what a feast!