i love the bratt (brattleboro, that is)

all local foods= really, really yummy
we ate this while still in vermont, but on our way to boston for the red sox game!
things i love about brattleboro and just vermont in general:

sister shayna and brother-in-law eric live there
the fantastic little shops full of antiques, vintage items and second hand goodies
the brattleboro farmer's market (here)
vermont cheddar
ben & jerry's ice cream
the fall leaves
the people
pretty much a lot of other things, too
and of course, calendars on the wall *wink*

i am just really missing vermont and sister time. the end.

see other vermont posts when ben & i visted last year here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

Wah! Now that's one ice cream flavour I'd love to try... alas we don't get many funky flavours on this side of the pond.

ben said...

Was it September?

communikate. said...

mmm.. that ice-cream looks delish.

shayna said...

I love it when I know what the *wink* means. Oh this post made me miss you. You make the Brat seem so dreamy. I really live in a dreamy place, right? I need to come and see you.

Mandy said...

You two look so much alike! And you are making me want to go there. I am starting to miss the East a little bit now...

Peggy said...

Ohhh-- cheese,umm,and lovely vegetables my favorites and yes, Ben and Jerry's. That is the cutest picture of you and Shayna. Keep them coming.

Jennifer said...

you know whats funny about this? My husband is from Brattleboro and we were just there earlier in August. What a small world. :)

Have you visited Boomerang, or Altiplano? two of my favorite stores when visiting! They also have a panera style sandwich shop called "the works", great food!