i love this place

this place:

the district of columbia, the district, dc, washington dc, washington.

i just don't say it enough. (or do i?)


Bridget said...

it is a pretty cool place- i haven't been enough!

laden backpack said...

it is amazing. you do say it enough. heh heh. places that are connected with great times in our lives are always extra special to us....can't say that enoough. must have been up early for this post. keep em coming

our little love nest said...

I love the photos!!! We need to go on a weekend vacation there soon! You both look stunning with that background. xo

Peggy said...

Wow wow wow, what beautiful people! What is that place in the background that say things like flesh and blood and steel and struggle and sacrifice and dream and on.

CoreyandShanda said...

I'm almost positive that one day Corey's job will take us to DC...you will have to give us all the ins of living in the fabulous place you call home!!