mon montréal

montréal skyline.
looking a little lost
shayna and eric finding us on the map. thanks.rented these fantastic bikes to ride all over the city of montréal
the biosphere--- which is an environmental museum
city through a telescope
shayna--- why don't we look at the camera at the same time?
ben, me, shayna and eric took a mini roadtrip and spent some of the weekend in montréal, quebéc, canada.

it was ben's first time to canada. not only did he get canada but he got french canada!

i really loved riding around on the bixi bikes. it reminded me of copenhagen.

and eating a lot of food (surprised?).

and listening to the fun french that those
québécois speak.

i thought
montréal would seem more european to me, but it only seemed that way when we were in the older part of the city with cobblestone and rowhouse type shops. it was a good mix of north america and little france, i guess.

i'm glad we didn't go any later in the year or else it would have been cold cold cold.

shayna and eric: where will our next trip be?


Receli said...

I went to Montreal for a few days for a lingistics conference. I loved it. It felt so much more like Europe to me than any other city in North America. It could be the store clerks who kept talking to me in French after I told them I spoke only English!

Cassandra said...

looks beautiful! what a fun trip!

Peggy said...

I went to Montreal after the world's fair of '06; [jk about the '06]. I went with the Bentley's when the boys were small. Derek was a baby. We loved it too and you two are too cute.

Peggy said...

p.s. I love all the photos. This time you didn't have to hold the camera out to take a picture of you and Ben.

laden backpack said...

went to montreal once and spent eight hours waiting for a plane. spent most of my time sleeping under a bench in the airport...the bottom of the bench was certainly not as beautiful as what you saw. I guess when you go it is best to drive and stay away from the airport. nice pics.

Anna said...

oh how cool! I want to go to Canada sooo bad. especially Quebec and the Cascades in British Colombia. It's hard for me to believe that another country is only a 5 hr drive away from where I live!!

bethi said...

ahhh! looks like you guys had a blast! love the sister shot!

communikate. said...

gah.. you guys go everywhere. jealous.

Mandy said...

Fun! This looks really cool. And I haven't really noticed your freckles until now but they are really cute. Like REALLY cute.

I'm a little jealous I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

I just came back from Montreal a couple of weeks ago (they now have direct flights there from Marseille!) and this post made me miss it already. Especially the way they speak... and it was so nice being abroad and not be required to speak English to be understood!

shayna said...

You plan the next trip...and we'll be there to find where we are on the map. Smoked meat...mmmm.

Linds said...

I wish I could see everything through a telescope.