picnic in the park.

i wanted to visit meridian hill park all summer but we decided it would be too hot for a picnic until "the fall." since the weather was below 80 degrees for some of saturday, we ate our lunch at the park. it's a gorgeous park.

and it's a national park.

i hope we get back up there when we go grab food around the u street neighborhood and hang with all the hipsters at the park.
additionally, there is a drum circle in the park every sunday evening. it's supposed to be pretty happening.

aside from the park being really pretty and happening, i had a really great time with ben

we laughed a lot

we always laugh together but there is something about laying on a blanket in the park and watching the squirrel in the tree above you scramble around. we kept wondering if the little squirrel was going to fall on us or not.

and we people watched. i love that.


Cassandra said...

sounds like a most perfect picnic!

Rose Red said...

The park looks beautiful. I can't wait for below 80 weather.Fall is my favorite time of year to be outside

our little love nest said...

So gorgeous!! I love Fall picnics! xo

kELLO! said...

i like that first shot :)

shayna said...

I tried to steal the peach right out of your hand.

Linds said...

i heart national parks.

Peggy said...

Oh Shayna, that peach is mine. Peaches and picnics in the park. What a perfect pair. Speaking of perfect pairs...there is a darling one in the pictures, but why no picture of the squirrel?