scotty comes to visit & other fun happenings

me at the smithsonian american history museum (with c3po and michelle obama's inaugural gown)
quite possibly my favorite photo of the weekend
our friend, scotty came to visit this weekend. he is one of our very best friends from college. he's known us as long as we've known us.

scotty had never really seen this district of columbia that we live in--- so it was really great seeing the must sees and eating the must eats (of course). i love when ben and i have visitors or travel. it's such a good excuse to eat lots of exciting things that aren't always the most healthy for you.
visitors and travel are such a good excuse!

it's also good to remember... and to appreciate the beautiful things that surround us in this city. i need more nice reminders like that.

thanks again, scotty!


shayna said...

My favorite photo too. Just enough love and just enough awkwardness.

Linds said...

your star wars shirt is perfect. and so is michelle's gown. lovely.

scotty is the bestest.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

I really love your shirt! It looks so hip

communikate. said...


we should live in the same city. then, i could tag along on all of your awesome adventures.

you guys are the greatest couple.