the daily show comes to dc

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the daily show with jon stewart is in dc this week.

jon stewart and steven colbert and their people are putting together some rallies this weekend.
rally to restore sanity, rally to keep fear alive

i think the rallies are just for fun. and to raise awareness about the national mall. and things like that. donating money to the national mall sounds like a nice idea. i'm excited.

so. going to the daily show rocked. we got to sit in the second row. and the president was there. the president of the united states.
the video posted is the beginning segment that got cut from final episode wednesday. so funny.
we got to keep one of those blue papers jon stewart messes with.
and jon was also really nice and took a lot of people's questions before and after the show.

so fun.


the waterfalls of niagara

shooting the photo through my blue poncho
a little water on the lens
this is just my fashionable full body poncho.

the falls of niagara from emily blythe on Vimeo. music: "on my way back home" band of horses

we got lucky.
we were able to catch the maid of the mist on the last day of the season to ride by the falls.


i loved it.


palmyra, new york

over the long ben & emily weekend, we also stopped by palmyra, new york.

why visit such a tiny little dot on the map?
1/ it's beautiful.
2/ it happens to be where the lds mormon church began in the modern day.

ben and i visited the places most significant to the initial days of the mormon church.
ben recited a very special scripture while we were there--- he recited it in spanish and i decided i like it more in spanish :)

ben, thanks for being my travel buddy.
my church buddy.
my buddy buddy friend.



hot dogs at the ford museum.
sitting on rosa parks' bus (ford museum)
i like equality.
massive trains (snow plow behind ben) at the ford museum.
sad sad building in detroit (windows all blown out).
at the motown museum aka, hitsville usa. berry gordy was a genius. zingerman's is an ann arbor must eat. yummy yummy food for dinner.cute brothers (dan and ben) at zingerman's.

michigan is a great place with some great treasures. highlights:
-zingerman's in ann arbor is a great deli with a hippie/fancy/deli feel to it. i love all those things. zingerman's will let you try a sample of anything (unlimited samples)... and you have to take advantage because you pay a premium for the food you do end up getting. hehe.
-we had the best donuts of our life in ann arbor
-in detroit we visited museums and drove around.
detroit made me SO SAD. even now, i feel sad thinking about it. the dieing city. it felt like we were in a post-apocalyptic world or something...
-in addition to the ford museum, we all visited a ford truck factory and watched trucks being made. super fun and fascinating.

the entire time in michigan, sufjan stevens' album "michigan" was running through my brain.
especially the song, "detroit, lift up your weary head"


campus tour [university of michigan]

maya lin's wave field sculpture
university of michigan law school. so pretty. designed after princeton.
law library. what a neat idea to have these V windows so people don't feel like they are underground.
the hogwarts library (aka u of m law building, too)

the main purpose of our long weekend trip was to visit ben's brother, dan, in ann arbor, michigan. dan is attending the university of michigan for his phd.
i am in awe of people who get phds.
even thinking about a phd makes my mind hurt.

so i'm going to stop thinking about it.

but i loved little ann arbor. i loved touring this campus. well, at least the main campus is beautiful :)


kirtland, ohio

the kirtland templekirtland is home to some lds church history sites... places i have visited when i was young with my family, but ben wanted to get in on the fun as well.

the kirtland temple doesn't belong to the lds church today, it belongs to the community of christ church.
but, it was really great to be able to tour it and learn more about its history.

we also ventured over to the areas that the lds church does own, including the n.k. whitney store that was a local market for all who lived in kirtland many years ago (most residents at the time were lds/mormon).

it was fun and beautiful. it took a little longer that i would have liked, but that's what happens when people get super excited about giving tours. which is understandable.

i just
to have ben
be my
tour guide.

he's 'd' best


the long weekend layout

a self proclaimed long weekend

a/ washington, dc (home)
b/ pittsburgh, pa (pittsstop- stay with friends)
c/ kirtland, oh (some lds church history)
d/ ann arbor, mi (main reason of trip, to see ben's brother, dan)
e/ detroit, mi (side tour to ann arbor)
f/ niagara falls, ny (self explanatory)
g/ buffalo, ny (to be determined)
h/ palmyra, ny (more lds church history)
i/ scranton, pa (overnight stay)
j/ washington, dc (home again)

right now: ann arbor. love it.


leaves on the street where i live

i am feeling obsessed with the green-orange-red trees on my street
or leaves that are all three (green, orange, red)
on sunday after church
i took a


on the street where
i live.

i think autumn
is extremely
beautiful here.

but maybe
as good as

still, i love the trees on my street. and i love all the seasons and their varying kinds of beauty.