cheese from utah. pumpkin bread pudding with meringue.
on georgetown university's campus.
dave, linda, ben, hillary (new friend o' the family), me.
the ben and emily couple with happy bellies.

we went to 1789, the more-than-lovely restaurant in georgetown tonight.

i kind of feel like i need to be a food critic. i really feel that way.
my issue is that... i don't drink alcohol. but i also feel like i could be that unique food critic that doesn't drink fine wines with their food and just lets the food flavors speak for themselves (that is a direct quote from ben).

anyone in the market for a no-alcohol-food-critic?
because i am super good at eating.

1789 because it was the year:
georgetown [university] was established.
georgetown the town was incorporated into washington, d.c.
the constitution was ratified.


hiven said...


Kristin said...

Wow, do I miss DC! Gorgeous photos!

shayna said...

Me too me too. I'll be a food critic. Or a cheese critic?

Shokoofeh said...

Lovely photos, Emily! :)

Miss Bear said...

I will be a pumpkin bread critic...send it my way! :)

Linds said...

you two clean up real nice.

when you think of utah cheese-think usu-then you'll think of us :)

kELLO! said...

spiffy! :)