campus tour [university of michigan]

maya lin's wave field sculpture
university of michigan law school. so pretty. designed after princeton.
law library. what a neat idea to have these V windows so people don't feel like they are underground.
the hogwarts library (aka u of m law building, too)

the main purpose of our long weekend trip was to visit ben's brother, dan, in ann arbor, michigan. dan is attending the university of michigan for his phd.
i am in awe of people who get phds.
even thinking about a phd makes my mind hurt.

so i'm going to stop thinking about it.

but i loved little ann arbor. i loved touring this campus. well, at least the main campus is beautiful :)


our little love nest said...

It really is lovely! xo

shayna said...

I must have a wave field sculpture when I grow up, I must.

Caroline said...

LOVE these photos!!!!

Peggy said...

The wavy field, a lawn man's nightmare, but so beautiful and fun for rolling and running up and down! Do you recall the little hill in our backyard. I had to have a hill for the kids.
The campus is lovely. Is anyone else thinking of attending U of M?

laden backpack said...

i love the lawn and the buildings. love the glass. must be expensive to heat in the winter, oh well, with all of that mental activity they probably don't need much heat. All of your images were nicely done. keep up the good work.

Bridget said...

that "hogwarts library" is soooooooooo pretty. i think i'd retain more of whatever i was studying if it happened there.

The Proctor Group said...

I love Ann Arbor. I'm glad you guys got to spend some time there. It's a beautiful campus.

Linds said...

I showed Randy and he was thinking the same thing about 'lawn mowers nightmare'

I think all the green is gorgeous.