leaves on the street where i live

i am feeling obsessed with the green-orange-red trees on my street
or leaves that are all three (green, orange, red)
on sunday after church
i took a


on the street where
i live.

i think autumn
is extremely
beautiful here.

but maybe
as good as

still, i love the trees on my street. and i love all the seasons and their varying kinds of beauty.


shayna said...

I don't know, it looks like Vermont has some stiff competition coming from D.C. this year.

laden backpack said...

I like pic #2 and #3 starting from the top. One is detail one is overall. Fall has such amazing colors it is almost like a strange movie made by people who over did their prescriptions. Love the colors. Nice post

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I am in love with that first photo! Oh, you are making me miss fall/autumn season! Please snap more pictures of these colorful leaves for me. =)

Amanda said...

Ah, I love fall and all the colors!!

Little Miss Tiara said...

so pretty!!! :D I've never seen one like that here (like of course...) the trees are always green here, haha... and the red-leaves are so beautiful.. :)

Bridget said...

so pretty

Caroline said...

I love Fall and when the leaves change color! xo

our little love nest said...

Beautiful! Especially because they are maple leaves...not that I have any prejudices concerning the leaf of our flag or anything. ;)