the long weekend layout

a self proclaimed long weekend

a/ washington, dc (home)
b/ pittsburgh, pa (pittsstop- stay with friends)
c/ kirtland, oh (some lds church history)
d/ ann arbor, mi (main reason of trip, to see ben's brother, dan)
e/ detroit, mi (side tour to ann arbor)
f/ niagara falls, ny (self explanatory)
g/ buffalo, ny (to be determined)
h/ palmyra, ny (more lds church history)
i/ scranton, pa (overnight stay)
j/ washington, dc (home again)

right now: ann arbor. love it.


Cassandra said...

oooh. have lots and LOTS of fun. looks like we're stay at homers this weekend with miss sniffly nose. have some fun for me ;)

laden backpack said...

seems like all of that map is too big for a weekend. I know you guys can
do it if anyone can. Will expect a full report at the conclusion of the long weekend.

shayna said...

It looks like a speech bubble weekend.

angela hardison said...

sounds amazing! have so much fun.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

WOW! Looks like a lot of fun :) jealous over here for sure.

Receli said...

I have only been to DC and Kirkland. I went to Kirkland in the fall and it was really pretty! Take lots of pics everywhere!!! :)

Rhianne said...

wow wow wow, thats so cool, it looks like you've had such a great time as well :)