hot dogs at the ford museum.
sitting on rosa parks' bus (ford museum)
i like equality.
massive trains (snow plow behind ben) at the ford museum.
sad sad building in detroit (windows all blown out).
at the motown museum aka, hitsville usa. berry gordy was a genius. zingerman's is an ann arbor must eat. yummy yummy food for dinner.cute brothers (dan and ben) at zingerman's.

michigan is a great place with some great treasures. highlights:
-zingerman's in ann arbor is a great deli with a hippie/fancy/deli feel to it. i love all those things. zingerman's will let you try a sample of anything (unlimited samples)... and you have to take advantage because you pay a premium for the food you do end up getting. hehe.
-we had the best donuts of our life in ann arbor
-in detroit we visited museums and drove around.
detroit made me SO SAD. even now, i feel sad thinking about it. the dieing city. it felt like we were in a post-apocalyptic world or something...
-in addition to the ford museum, we all visited a ford truck factory and watched trucks being made. super fun and fascinating.

the entire time in michigan, sufjan stevens' album "michigan" was running through my brain.
especially the song, "detroit, lift up your weary head"


shayna said...

I'm not sure I've ever been happier as when I saw you and Ben dressed up as hot dogs.

communikate. said...

love that song by sufjan.

i've heard detroit is super sad, and super sketchy. i've got a good friend that's travelled the world and back, and he still claims detroit is the scariest place he's ever been. :)

i love your adventures as always!

Peggy said...

Wow! I really got a laugh out of you two hot dogs. I am still laughing. Thank you. But then, I too got sad to think about what has happened to Detroit. But seeing the cute brothers against the cheery background brought a smile back again.
Those little weiner brown legs hanging out of that bun is the best, especially with the look of terror on your face like you are about to be eaten. Honey, I just ate the kids!

laden backpack said...

i love a good hot dog about once a year. lately I have decided that more is better than less so a good hot dog when it is available is a good thing.
Glad you saw the history of my yearly and sometimes more often favorite thing.

The Proctor Group said...

Love that you guys were in Michigan. I also love the hot dog at the Ford Museum and we have a picture in front of the same trains. Glad Michigan treated you well.

kELLO! said...

hot hot dogs
hot outfit

Linds said...

that pickle looks incredible.

i agree with the masses-you two should be hotdogs more often. super fun! halloween 2011?