palmyra, new york

over the long ben & emily weekend, we also stopped by palmyra, new york.

why visit such a tiny little dot on the map?
1/ it's beautiful.
2/ it happens to be where the lds mormon church began in the modern day.

ben and i visited the places most significant to the initial days of the mormon church.
ben recited a very special scripture while we were there--- he recited it in spanish and i decided i like it more in spanish :)

ben, thanks for being my travel buddy.
my church buddy.
my buddy buddy friend.


Anna said...

gorgeous! i am already mourning the imminent loss of the pretty fall colors :(

shayna said...

You and Ben should always wear those colors in the fall.

Peggy said...

Lucky for you Emily, the fall colors will just be coming on here at Thanksgiving and I'm grateful for that.
These photos are gorgeous, especially from the farm looking over the valley and then from Ben- looking over at Emily, beautiful.

Caroline said...

I love these photos!! And your blog gives me happiness as well! Hugs to you! xo

Brittany said...

i'm so jealous you were there in the fall. beautiful photos.

Amanda said...

GREAT photos!

laden backpack said...

I agree with shayna about wearing those colors in the fall. you guys hit it at visual treat time, what a
gorgeous place and well captured by the photographer.

Linds said...

cute shoes.

Brooke Shoko said...

these photos are gorgeous.
i've always wondered what it looks like- thanks for sharing :)