weekend :: stress, movie, whoopie pies, the future.

on saturday night we rode the bikes from our home on capitol hill to the movie theater in chinatown
on the way home from the movie on the bikes, we found a whole new meaning to the term "capitol hill" (it's steep)
saturday felt very... chaotic so taking a bike ride and going to the movies was really... refreshing
saturday morning i made zucchini whoopie pies which also helped soothed the stress

ben and i also talked about our future. i like talks like that.
i long for new adventures and new cities but i also love our little comfort-zone-dc-capitol-hill-ideal-apartment... et cetera, et cereta.

i wonder if dc will hold the same amount of romance for me when i finish graduate school in may... ...i think i will probably have to continue to visit gw in order to feel relevant.

for now, i am so happy and so satisfied with where ben and i are--- and what we are doing.

ya know?


Courtney said...

that's a good feeling isn't it?...being at peace with where you are in the world.

laden backpack said...

Everything you do is a new adventure with its own little comfort zone. The real comfort zone is your confidence to do whatever you want and to be able to be happy in that doing. Nice thoughts from the DC contingency. I liked the design of the balloons in front of the building. Nice shot.

shayna said...

Ah such a nice feeling. Kind of like early morning at the cabin.

Peggy said...

Even the balloons get all puffed up with patriotism. I love it. Umm and I looked up whoopie pies on the foodie blog. Much good food has been made at your house.

Linds said...

satisfied is a very good place to be.

what movie did you see? any good ones?