white house garden tour

the oval office (the west wing of the white house)
i wouldn't mind a yard with a swing set like this in it
the white house vegetable garden. 2/3 of the produce is used at the white house and 1/3 of it is donated to a local soup kitchen. i love that.
what a perfect day for a garden tour.

twice a year in april and october, the white house opens up its gardens to the public for a self-guided tour of all the pretty trees, plants and the grounds.
i am really happy dave and linda (ben's dad and mom) were able to get 6 tickets so me, ben, brandon, celeste and dave and linda could all go to this lovely event!

it was fun to see the trees that had been planted on the white house grounds--- it seemed like most were planted by president george w. bush and president bill clinton. kind of funny.

i especially loved seeing the vegetable garden--- and i learned that there are people who work in the garden... and i wonder how i too could get a job like this. wouldn't that be great?

but really, i just want a garden of my own :)


laden backpack said...

My friend Bob who was a backhoe operator had a wife who loved to garden. He would come home from a long day at work and his wife would always want to go work in the garden. In the summer he worked long days and was always tired and just wanted to unwind. One evening his wife was particularly insistent about working in the garden. He finally agreed and said, "I'll work alone you come out in a while." He fired up his backhoe, took the bucket and razed the garden clean and loaded it in the dump truck." I like gardens like my friend Bob. Nice pictures, nice to see the parents by marriage.

shayna said...

Remember how we used to hate weeding and planting the garden and now all of us want a garden of our own? Oh how we get smarter as we get older.

Amanda said...

How cool! What a fun thing for you to do...it's one of those events that you feel honored to be a part of. Hope you two had fun!

Emily said...

oh! working in the white house garden would be a dream!

Linds said...

i was excited when you told me about this and thrilled to see the pictures. i love the green.

Dawn said...

How neat this must have been!
Quite the garden. Can you imagine if you had no help in maintaining that place.....