saint george, utah is pretty [where i grew up]

saint george is great for its red rock and its warm weather.
except we didn't get warm weather this thanksgiving. oh well.

we spent wednesday last week to monday this week with my family. all 12 adults and 7 children.

i really like to visit saint george. it's nice to know a place [really well] that you visit once a year. and forget a little about the fact that i attended high school there. seems so long ago. right?

thanks mom and dad for being great hosts! i loved every minute of it.
especially the parts with food involved.


family photos (the emily + ben family)

the book idea for this one was inspired by kelly. thanks, pretty lady!!
on saturday, ben and i went to the arboretum to take some family photos. we used our trusty little joby tripod and self timer. i'm happy the photos worked out well.
i'm happy the arboretum is pretty all year round.

i'm happy ben and i are a family.

i feel very thankful for ben. for family.

and not just because
it's thanksgiving week.

p.s. our two very favorite family photos i'll post later. they are going to be used for the christmas card :)


and then there are dc museums that cost money

the crime & punishment museum is not however, a free museum.

luckily for us, we still have groupon and living social deals to get us a cheap admission ticket.

this museum is where we spent our friday night date. it was awesome until it closed at 8pm. boo.
still, i do love dates on the town where there is always something happening.

going out helps me to appreciate my time at home with ben, more.

and another thing. i love how in dc so many museums, places, restaurants, organizations are called "the national museum of blah blah blah" or the "united states _____" or "the american ____ of ____"
so much patriotic pride here in the d.c.

the atrium

the atrium between the national portrait gallery and the american art museum is so beautiful.
ben and i went yesterday to see friend, caroline play in the dc swing band.

great music. i was dancing in my chair.
and it made me think of our wedding. because we had a jazzy swing band play at our reception.

and it was a lovely setting.
the portrait gallery/american art museum has SO many great exhibits right now like:
elvis at 21
hide/seek (the exhibit dc swing was performing for)
and the norman rockwell exhibit

dc sure does spoil us with those museums that don't cost money.


this week...

it was rainy
and i thought it was so pretty
tomato, goat cheese and bacon (at brasserie beck)
brasserie beck. a belgian restaurant. i think i love you.
this was me practically all week:
left side of the couch
computer on lap ... typing, typing, researching, typing
book near me (more research)
tea on the table
maybe in my pajamas most of the week

it's been a good-stressful week. there is so much to do before thanksgiving.

and i am very much looking forward to that break even though it is sort of a tease. since final papers are due two weeks after thanksgiving. silly holiday.

but i like food and family. and i'll get those things over thanksgiving. yippee!


nyc scenes without people

madison square park
guggenheim museum. i must say... a very beautiful building. (for freeeee)
hell's kitchen
hell's kitchen
very cute mural in hell's kitchen
midtown shot
hell's kitchen flea market. must have that waffle maker.
must have all these letters for decoration (also hell's kitchen flea market)
i feel a little more love for the nyc subway now that some stations have marquees that tell you when the next train is coming. yippee!
central park on 5th
one of them trump towers
dear nyc,

i like you. let's do it again sometime.
cool? cool.



food + faces in the nyc

1/ doughtnut plant, mmm
2/ well shake shack in madison square park of course (no line!!)
3/ my first ever matzoh ball soup at pastrami queen
4/ parmesan cheese, mmm
eataly rocks. pizza, panini, pasta, meats, pane, gelato, vino, birra. you can have it all there.
eataly is an italian style covered market/restaurant area in the flat iron district. do try it.
we're so clever
lunch time with sister, shayna (she was in town visiting friends too!)
brandon and ben. so nice to let celeste and i sit on the subway
me, celeste, brandon. thanks for being the greatest hosts y'all!
big lips by cher and christina. soho.
it was nice to "take it easy" in nyc over the weekend.

ben and i arrived on wednesday night and stayed until sunday afternoon. i loved being there during the week and rushing to the subway with the locals on their way to work.
i loved getting to know different areas better.

especially the upper east side.

also first time to harlem.
and first time to use the crosstown bus. LOVE it.