and then there are dc museums that cost money

the crime & punishment museum is not however, a free museum.

luckily for us, we still have groupon and living social deals to get us a cheap admission ticket.

this museum is where we spent our friday night date. it was awesome until it closed at 8pm. boo.
still, i do love dates on the town where there is always something happening.

going out helps me to appreciate my time at home with ben, more.

and another thing. i love how in dc so many museums, places, restaurants, organizations are called "the national museum of blah blah blah" or the "united states _____" or "the american ____ of ____"
so much patriotic pride here in the d.c.


our little love nest said...

That looks like fun! We are needing an evening getaway today, I think. Have a great week! xo

shayna said...

Oh no, you're in the gallows.

kELLO! said...

i wish we were museum people. maybe we will be one day. there is so much to learn!

Linds said...

eeek. i'm guilty on pretty much all of those misdemeanors. but in our family 'it's just a misdemeanor'