the atrium

the atrium between the national portrait gallery and the american art museum is so beautiful.
ben and i went yesterday to see friend, caroline play in the dc swing band.

great music. i was dancing in my chair.
and it made me think of our wedding. because we had a jazzy swing band play at our reception.

and it was a lovely setting.
the portrait gallery/american art museum has SO many great exhibits right now like:
elvis at 21
hide/seek (the exhibit dc swing was performing for)
and the norman rockwell exhibit

dc sure does spoil us with those museums that don't cost money.


Dawn said...

Oh! A swing band! what a fun thing to do. Wishin' we had neat places to visit and see like that! Maybe I should start my own band....;)
Happy new week to you:)

communikate. said...


i'm jealous of your freebies in dc!!

Anna said...

ooo so pretty! I love the semi-indoor trees against the white stone!

shayna said...

Ba deep bop barroo bop ba dap bam boo.

Linds said...

i like dancing in my chair. better yet-dancing ON my chair ;)

i am too jealous of all of your museums. we've got the college and....that's pretty much it. i guess we'll just have to come visit you again.