buffalo: for the righteous babe in you

in between niagara falls and palmyra, ny--- ben and i stopped in buffalo.

got chicken wings (they aren't called buffalo wings when you're in buffalo).
a fun experience to have... although i think it made me feel a little sick.

stopped at righteous babe records headquarters.
ani difranco is the founder of righteous babe. i love her.

the above two photos of me are at the old-church-turned-music-venue-slash-righteous-babe-headquarters.
loved it.


Brittany said...

love these photos of you. and i'm not really a fan of wings either....but when in buffalo?

Linds said...

how very righteous of you.
did you see her?

no one likes getting sick. sorry.

shayna said...

It like eating nuts in Brazil.

kELLO! said...

i grew up in Attica, it's about a 40 minute drive to Buffalo. and boy do we miss our wings! :) the pizza they have in upstate NY is not comparable either!