food + faces in the nyc

1/ doughtnut plant, mmm
2/ well shake shack in madison square park of course (no line!!)
3/ my first ever matzoh ball soup at pastrami queen
4/ parmesan cheese, mmm
eataly rocks. pizza, panini, pasta, meats, pane, gelato, vino, birra. you can have it all there.
eataly is an italian style covered market/restaurant area in the flat iron district. do try it.
we're so clever
lunch time with sister, shayna (she was in town visiting friends too!)
brandon and ben. so nice to let celeste and i sit on the subway
me, celeste, brandon. thanks for being the greatest hosts y'all!
big lips by cher and christina. soho.
it was nice to "take it easy" in nyc over the weekend.

ben and i arrived on wednesday night and stayed until sunday afternoon. i loved being there during the week and rushing to the subway with the locals on their way to work.
i loved getting to know different areas better.

especially the upper east side.

also first time to harlem.
and first time to use the crosstown bus. LOVE it.


communikate. said...

No line at shake sh?ack or the empire state building?!

That'll teach me not to visit nyc in the summer.

laden backpack said...

All of you and insufferable hams. You love the camer and the chance to make
a new face or perfect one that has been tried before. Nice to see sisters together even in a place so distant from where ever we are. The subway is its own world, rocking through the darkness to a new portal into the light...what a romantic adventure. Thanks for the post, keep em coming. Maybe we can do NY some weekend??

laden backpack said...

Oops, forgot to proof read. "All of you are insufferable hams", that's what I meant to say.

shayna said...

We need to get ourselves the perfect shade of red lipstick. It really comes in handy for pictures like these.

kELLO! said...

you ARE clever!

Courtney said...

looks like a grand time...my sister is in NYC right now and I am on jealous little lady!

Bridget said...

that pizza looks just like the kind in italy. at least at my fave pizza place that i went while i was there. and now i want it again real bad.

Elaine said...

How fun!!! I absolutely LOVE NYC.


Megan Marie said...

could you be any lovelier? i seriously doubt ANYBODY could top your loveliness.