an ode of sorts :: to newsweek

the last two years... i worked at newsweek magazine in the washington bureau.
last friday was my last day. my last day by choice--- but it was still hard to leave.

i just get sentimental because it was my first "real" job and it's strange leaving something you've done everyday for two years. especially at this point in my life.

it's been weird this week... because i have gotten things done!! homework is done!! it's a good feeling but a very surreal idea still.

what i will not miss:
menial tasks
certain people
cleaning up an entire office
moving an entire office
et cetera

what i will miss:
free coke zero
free magazines
free concerts
white house visits
free sporting events
free museums
memorizing who is walking passed my desk by the sound of their shoes/sound of their walk
custard outings
fake ice cream outings
quirky people
being next door to the post office
et cetera


shayna said...

Oh and don't forget those awesome metal world puzzles on a pedestal called NEWSWEEK. I can't believe you don't work there any more. SUGAR and CHEESE!

Daniel said...

I could list all the things NW misses about you, but the internet's servers probably aren't big enough.

laden backpack said...

Sometimes when you stop doing something that has been consistent, challenging and enjoying, leaving it
is a shock to your system, almost like post traumatic stress syndrome, well maybe not that bad. Someone said change is good and it probably is but I think they might have not been telling the whole truth.The good news is, there are now two years of experience in your life that will become fond memories and part of the incomplete you. Tough times.

Peggy said...

It was fun hearing all about Newsweek for two years, but it will be nice to focus on your studies till graduation day. It will also be nice to focus on Ben, who I'm sure, is more fun to focus on.

Peggy said...

p.s. What a nice sentiment from Daniel

Linds said...

for freeeeee. it's hard to give up free stuff.

all caught up ;) love you.

Bridget said...

onto the next chapter! though, it sounds like working t newsweek was pretty awesome.