poor, poor pumpkin

this year, i bought a pumpkin and had every intention of carving it. but... time keeps slipping on by and the pumpkin is going bad and so... well... i am posting these photos of 2007 because it is helping me feel better about missing out on the pumpkin/halloween experience this year.

in 2007 (when ben and i were dating) we carved one pumpkin together and we dressed up as "snowboarding bums" -note our goggle tan lines- and we went to see the nightmare before christmas in 3d at the theater. so fun.

this is why i love photos. the memories can make up for what i lack temporarily.


naomi megan. said...

haha how'd you guys make those tan lines? they look so real!!

Christina said...

that makes me feel better, lol. We never got around to carving ours either this year :( oh well, thankfully Zach is still young enough he didnt seem to notice :)

communikate. said...


my brother went snowboarding nearly everyday for three months before his mission. when it came for the missionary photos, he had the WORST goggle line EVER. my mom begged that he go to the tanning bed, or put make up. no such luck.

we still laugh at his racoon photos.

*sorry little tangent for ya.

we sucked at celebrating this year.
i'm a total party pooper.

shayna said...

ARrrrr, I love yer pumpkin.

Peggy said...

We didn't carve faces on our little punkins either! But now I know how to be cool with a snowboarder tan.

kELLO! said...

you look so pretty!

ben said...

I want a real racoon again, curse you east coast and your lack of mountains

Dawn said...

At least you have your photos:) You could hang them up in lieu of not getting to the pumpkin this year:)
You 2 are super cute:)))

Linds said...

2007 was a good year :)