saint george, utah is pretty [where i grew up]

saint george is great for its red rock and its warm weather.
except we didn't get warm weather this thanksgiving. oh well.

we spent wednesday last week to monday this week with my family. all 12 adults and 7 children.

i really like to visit saint george. it's nice to know a place [really well] that you visit once a year. and forget a little about the fact that i attended high school there. seems so long ago. right?

thanks mom and dad for being great hosts! i loved every minute of it.
especially the parts with food involved.


Brittany said...

I forgot you grew up in St. George! I especially love the white white temple against the red rock. It looks so uncharacteristically cold though! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Cassandra said...

lovely photos! so glad you had a good holiday!

communikate. said...

This post made me SOOOO homesick!

Hooray for shared roots!

I'm counting down the days until my visit in January! Yip Yip!

Caroline said...

You two are cute!! Love your scarf and hat!! Going home is one of my favorite things to do. xo

laden backpack said...

We love having adult children and children children in Saint George at our home. We are the best watering hole in southwestern UT and Emily and Ben's friends are always welcome.Thanks for the post and the pics, my temple shot even made the post, he he.

sienna said...

also love the hat. where did you get it? beautiful pics. the pomegranate salad looks especially yummy. we always had pomegranate salad at our family thanksgiving and i was missing it this year. i'll have to do it next year.

Peggy said...

I'm thankful for your blog and your photos and your clever writing and everyone's comments. I'm grateful that we shared a week long feast of food, fun and films with a great family including adorable babies.

Rhianne said...

the red rock looks amazing, so glad you had a lovely thanksgiving :)

Brooke Shoko said...

the dixie salad haha
love it!

Linds said...

utah is pretty. and even prettier when you are here. i enjoyed hearing your planning party of what you were making the day before---soso yummy. and i'd have to agree that dixie salad looks FANTASTIC!

it was warmer in stg than it was in logan. our high was 20 yesterday. double boo.

i am thankful for the proctor family. so kind. so generous. so much love.

bwabbeyinnUT said...

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