this week...

it was rainy
and i thought it was so pretty
tomato, goat cheese and bacon (at brasserie beck)
brasserie beck. a belgian restaurant. i think i love you.
this was me practically all week:
left side of the couch
computer on lap ... typing, typing, researching, typing
book near me (more research)
tea on the table
maybe in my pajamas most of the week

it's been a good-stressful week. there is so much to do before thanksgiving.

and i am very much looking forward to that break even though it is sort of a tease. since final papers are due two weeks after thanksgiving. silly holiday.

but i like food and family. and i'll get those things over thanksgiving. yippee!


laden backpack said...

yipee is right. we have the food, yar are the family. keep working so the break can be a relaxing time. nice post, love the fall tree colors.

kELLO! said...

i think i only took three showers this whole week... :(
i feel better now that i said it out loud- ha. i've been sick. that's an excuse, right? :)

i cannot wait until next week! i work nights, and thanksgiving is my holiday at the hospital, so not looking forward to that- BUT- thursday my dads side, friday is black friday (my first year participating) and my immediate family dinner, and saturday is my mom's side! and then sunday is, of course, sunday dinner like normal! :) so. stoked.

Brittany said...

it really is the little things, isn't it.
and i'm pretty sure i looked like you this week.
tooo many papers to write.

Peggy said...

I recognize the star and fall colors out your window from last year. I love it! and am mildly, no, wildly ecstatic about Thanksgiving myself. So much so that I typed myslef dyslecsikly. Yahooo [love Peggy Sue]

our little love nest said...

I adore rain showers! Beautiful photos. I hope your work load isn't too much but I have to say your photo with the laptop made me miss going to school myself. The work, the rewards and the hopefulness in a great future. Best wishes,

sienna said...

good girl. that's what i should be doing.

Courtney said...

that tomato, goat cheese, bacon stack of heaven looks pretty too!

have a happy thanksgiving!!!!!

shayna said...

Tomato, cheese, Tomato, cheese, Tomato, cheese, Tomato, cheese, Tomato, cheese, Tomato, cheese, Tomato, cheese, Tomato, cheese. Just keep layering them until their as tall as the empire state building.