view of the city from the 86th floor

statue of liberty, ellis island
brooklyn bridge
happy ben + emcentral park in fall
chrysler building
flat iron
cabbiesshadow of the empirepatriotic empire state building

ever since our first trip to nyc together we have wanted to go to the top of the empire state building. i mean, you just gotta right?

so we did whilst in new york city over the long weekend.

lucky for us the sun was out all weekend. this made me so happy and my heart warm.

lucky for us we love looking at the city from the 86th floor.


Dawn said...

WOw. Great captures of your time up there!
Heights and I don't get along too well...I need people like you to share your view:)
Thank you!

Have a wonderful week!!!

communikate. said...

did you wait like ALL day to get to the top? i swear that line was worse than the hottest disney ride. by the time we finally got out there, i was over it.

you lucked out on such a clear beautiful fall day!

Cassandra said...

so impressive and beautiful!

Farah said...

Wow that is amazing! and I especially love the patriotic empire state building. just lovely. ;)

laden backpack said...

I can only think of Sleepless in Seattle when I think of the Empire State building. Remember his famous line, "when I took her hand, it was like being home." Nothing besides love matters and the Empire State Building is the epicenter of movie love.

shayna said...

You make the city look even more beautiful.

Bridget said...

AWESOME pictures.

Peggy said...

shadow of the Empire...dum,da ta dum, da ta dum, da ta dum, da ta dum. Pretty ominous. We gave up going to the top when we went last, didn't we, so hooray for you! The Empire strikes back. Yea!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

What a great view, there's no better feeling than being on top of the world, it's incredible.