washington dc in blue and red

i want this poster from ork posters! so badly (hint).

but i pretty much want every city poster they have. and i want a tshirt made out of every city too. such a cool idea.
i love seeing the cities split up into neighborhoods.

i'm a nerd like that.

thanks to brother-in-law dan for introducing me to these genius posters.


Bridget said...

i LOVE ork posters. there's an etsy seller who sells VERRRY similar ones too (i think a little cheaper).

Dawn said...

That is one Awesome Poster!
Christmas is coming....is it on your list?;))))

shayna said...

Might I suggest getting a screen printed version. Spend the extra money, it won't disappoint. Looks like I need to make one for Vermont, but letterpressed.

amber said...

i love these posters!! but i guess i'm a nerd like you, cuz i want them all too! haha