weekend included cheese

i got far less accomplished than intended but that's what happens sometimes when you're funemployed
ben and i made homemade pizza with iberico cheese and proscuitto
---it turned out looking far less perfect than i hoped but it still tasted really good
i knit a lot over the weekend. i think i like knitting

went to help with kids at church for an annual singing program
ran errands
warm beverages with caroline at ebenezers. yummm
homework homework
more knitting and sitting
talking with ben about how cute we think each other are (merh)

sometimes ben and i just like to take it easy.
date to dumpster/recycling bin... chased ben back to the top of the stairs. i lost.

now back to monday.


shayna said...

The dog is happy, manny can sleep and we have Iberco cheese.

kELLO! said...

i've started back to my crocheting again, too. I think i'm actually going to do stuff for gifts this year. a friend and i are going to teach the ladies in our life group how to crochet and we're going to make scarves and take them to the homeless under the bridge (but maybe our husbands will be with us when we hand them out...;) ha)

and look at you with the fancy cheeses! "you were the one who was getting fancy with the spices!!" -ratatouille :)
ha. don't judge that i know lines from it- i watch a 3 year old :)

ahlin said...

cheeeeeese. love.

Linds said...

i like taking it easy.

monday: donovan's first snow day. grocery shopping. laundry. donovan's first rice cereal. sitting & blogging.

Peggy said...

See; cheese, everybody likes it. And knitting; i'm so happy with all your domestications.

Courtney said...

I too love knitting, but can only make scarves...and I already gifted everyone I know with one a year or two ago. Perhaps this year everyone will get potholders????