biking down from vermont

guess who is riding down on her bike all the way from vermont this week...?

shayna! (ok, she is driving down)

super stoked.
we's gunna bake, shop, eat, sleep, watch movies (and get some work and projects done too)

photo: shayna, me and cousins: rachel, lucas and truman a looong time ago.
back when i was still blonde. yep. i was super blonde when i was little.


communikate. said...

I was super blonde as a kid too!

Have fun with your sister!

laden backpack said...

I wish I had been blond as as kid, my only claim to fame as a kid was that
I had curly hair. This photo is the essence of childhood. My brother, Scot,
took the picture some years ago.

our little love nest said...

So cute!! Hope you have fun! xo

Anna said...

awww how adorable! you guys look like a cover pic for one of those 80's kids movies. have fun with the seester!

shayna said...

Oh flem, I have the same hair cut...things haven't changed. Where did you get this picture? You are soooo cute. I can't wait to see you.

Peggy said...

Sweet bike! This photo is really a classic. Americana in the 80's. You and Shayna are oh, so cute. Love it!