isn't the snow on the trees perfect in utah?

ben and i are here and i am feeling so happy about it. i do love to visit here. it's the perfect place for snow and holidays. the mountains make me happy. and it's actually a little warmer here than in d.c. --- and there is no snow in d.c.
silly d.c.

ben and i went snowboarding yesterday at park city for free. and even though i think park city resort is poorly designed and it's hard to get back down to the bottom of the mountain,
we had a lot of fun... and now our bodies hurt really badly.


shayna said...

Ah yes, the "after snowboarding body." Where reaching for a glass of water is a major chore.

Adele said...

wow that's ALOT of snow! jealous, much?! have a great christmas! (: xo

communikate. said...

stop going to utah with out me.

yep. after snowboarding body is the wosrt. good work out though!

merry christmas lady! enjoy your stay in the great state!

ahlin said...

welcome back to the ut! also, love the new layout!