bonus of saint george: friends & the kiddies

me, ben, linny, randy, sleeping donovan
elisa, me --- vivian, me
paige, jane
sam, paul
this is a very common occurance. the kids flock to ben. (paul, ben, annie)
annie, sam, paul, brooklyn
addyson, brooklyn
same, paul, addyson, jane
annie, brooklyn, sam, paul
paige, annie, brooklyn, sam

i am very happy to have great friends. lindsay, elisa and vivian are my very best of saint george women. very best friends from high school.
linny and i went on to live together in college. foxes love.

and if you know me well, you know i am a very proud aunt. one of my favorite things is giving gifts to the kids. especially when i get to see them open the presents.
i think i like the sincerity of it since
most of them haven't picked up the nuances of courtesy "thank yous" and hugs. hehe.


Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh the pjs soo cute!!

laden backpack said...

forget how cute the pjs are, take a look at the world class, cute kids.

Rhianne said...

oh my, the matching pj's are adorable :)

shayna said...

I think next year we should all get adult pajamas and take pictures.

Miss Bear said...

Shayna...I agree...can't wait to see the pictures! :)

Can't believe how fast those kiddies are growing up! They are all so cute. Lovin' those Christmas jammie traditions!

Linds said...

christmas '11 is going to be the best pj christmas in the books!

i love pvhs.
and foxes.
and kiddos.

Anonymous said...

the kids' pj's are simply great!