faces around the christmas weekend

photo taken at large family gathering on christmas eve
ben stuffing the piñata with goodies
cute [nephew] zachary with grandma linda's glasses on
zach in the best snow suit ever
ben and em awaiting christmas dinner
happy people
gorgeous [nieces] annie and janie
cute [nephew] sam with his buzz lightyear legos he put together all himself (!!!)
sister kristen and emily

what can i say? the holiday has been perfect so far.
i love being with family, eating a lot of food (too much food)... there is more food to come...

ben also surprised me big time this year. he is just a really nice guy. so glad i am married to him :)
and well, sometimes the best thing ever is just sitting around with family and eating treats.
mmm treats.


kELLO! said...

hey you two! glad you had a great christmas!
i like yo curly hairs

Caroline said...

Great photos!! XO!

communikate. said...

great holiday! looks like fun with all that family!

so.. i want to know what he surprised you with?! a vacation?! don't say i'll be to jealous! ha. kidding. sort of.

sienna said...

what did he get you? i'm so curious. glad it was so fun.

Ro Ro Riot said...

Wow. The holiday came and went in too big a rush. I can't believe I missed the chance to see you guys! Glad you were having a good time!

Elizabeth said...

I love your hair in the first picture :)

Sonja said...

Awww this looks fun. I love that you had a big family gathering. Those kids are so so cute!

shayna said...

You should take a picture in Zach's snowsuit too.

Peggy said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful -everyone is beautiful. Oh sigh--the party's over. Shine on.

Linds said...

snowman pinata! what have i been missing out on?! our christmas was incomplete. next year.