festival of lights [washington, d.c. lds temple]

this was my favorite nativity. so humble. so quiet. seems very close to what the real thing would be like.
see that nice scarf ben is wearing? well i knit it for him (early christmas present).
these are supposed to be little flowers. cute right?
what is it about christmas lights?

they have nostalgia written all over them.
warm thoughts.
cold noses.
a hint of christmas and hope for snow.

i love lights. even though these don't really rival others i've seen, they were still really beautiful.

and it was nice to have a break from writing papers and just chat it up with ben.
one of those chats where we talk about how cool we are

yeah, we talk about that kind of stuff.


shayna said...

I really love those nativity scenes. I won an angel at my church Christmas party...looks like I'll be starting my own scene.

laden backpack said...

we are all like moths attracted to the light. That attraction becomes more intense as the long nights of winter grow longer, to reach their longest point around Christmas. The magical color of the lights and the plurality of same is always an attraction to our light starved eyes.
I have always loved them too, the nativity scenes are touching and serene. thanks for the send

Brittany said...

i love to see different creches. and i'm totally addicted to the lights too. it looks like your holiday season has been beautiful!

kELLO! said...

that's why we decided we don't have any friends around here. cause we're too cool :)
awesome knitting skills!

angela hardison said...

i went and saw all the different nativity scenes at the mesa az temple - it was so fascinating.