it's that time again

the official drink sponsor of final paper writers everywhere.

especially here. in washington, d.c.
my house.


laden backpack said...

time to over eat, jump in the swimming pool fully clothed, watch old movies all night or take a walk
at 3 am. That helps take your mind off of finals. nothing is really final so don't take it too seriously.

shayna said...

Woah, your coke zero looks so fancy when enrobed in gold.

Linds said...

good luck!

our little love nest said...

Best wishes with your final paper! xo

Peggy said...

And from your 5th cheerleader. Hurray for Emily. You can do anything -- with a little help from upstairs. The brain and beyond!!

Christina said...

yikes, good luck, may it go by quickly and as painless as possible :) good luck on your papers!!