mini christmas & good foods

mmmm ebelskivers
best little breakfast bombs ever.
pumkin cheesecake. also part of bake fest.

the pumpkin cheesecake blew my mind. it was SO GOOD.

shayna came bearing a ebelskiver pan for us denmark lovers so we too could make those little balls of joy for special breakfasts.

and ben and i had our mini christmas. we have one each year before we trek out to utah to be with our families.
i love our new shoes.


Kera said...

super fun and yummy!! happy holidays!

shayna said...

Ah, mini shoes.

ahlin said...

pumpkin cheesecake is like the two best desserts in the world in one. brilliant.

our little love nest said...

I have never tried ebelskiver before. I so want to try them!! Merry mini Christmas!

communikate. said...

ebelskivers are a christmas tradition for us too!

i love them!

kELLO! said...

ebelskivers? explain.
got your christmas card! absolutely LOVE IT! :) where did you order it? i like the post card.
love the bow shoes.

abby said...

how have i never had ebelskivers before?? they look amazing.

pack warm for utah! it's cold here. i'm quite freezing at the moment.

sienna said...

glad you made it. those looks yummy. hope everything works out with the car. don't mind the check engine light, it's been on for weeks.