our christmas line up includes sir fraselot

the best of trader joe's holiday line up
the windows with bad seals are naturally frosted like that. awesome, right?
this handmade advent calendar made me happy. ben's aunt, annie made it for us and it arrived just in time for december! (you put an "ornament" on the tree each day until christmas)
showing off my new favorite outfit = so comfy for final paper writing.
love these perfect bedroom lights we got at frager's (same place we got our christmas tree).
at the christmas tree lot (frager's), i said we should name our tree "sir fraser" (instead of fraser fir). but then ben forgot the name and called it
sir fraselot
and then later
sir frankenfir

i think i like sir frankenfir best.

our other christmas-tree-finding-adventures are found here and here.


shayna said...

Ah yes, the classic Sir Frankenburger tree, such a good choice. The pajamas and the lights make me home sick.

Dawn said...

Wonderful Christmas photos. Can I have some of that ice cream?

sienna said...

so cute. ever since the snow stuck on the ground, bo and i spend at least half of the day in our pjs. cause if we go outside, we just put out snow clothes on over our pajamas and no one knows.

kELLO! said...

ha! love bens jammy jam pants

Ro Ro Riot said...

I miss Fragers. And I love your sweatshirt.

laden backpack said...

how come no one ever told me about the joe joe ice cream? like, is someone holding out on it? yummy, great pictures, nice color, happy people.

communikate. said...

you guys know how to do christmas!

love the jamies and the tree!

Megan Marie said...

this post was like drinking a mug of hot chocolate with my eyes. only with no hospital visit to follow.

Bridget said...

i love the last few pics of the lights! so cool.

good luck getting through finals!!!

Linds said...

i wish we had a tree. but alas it's been super crappy weather so we haven't gone to get one. lame excuse, i know.

i adore your sweater. i need to find my winter sweater-i haven't been able to locate it-maybe randy threw it out because i never seemed to take it off.

our little love nest said...

Sir Frankenfir is adorably cute!! xoxo

Kimberly Geneviève said...

Trader joe's is so dangerous! I've been twice already, I can't stop eating their ice cream+christmas cookies.