our engagement story (three years later)

my promise ring (hehe)
just after we got engaged. it was the longest ride down the mountain that i've experienced. the actual ring.december 14, 2007
the day i asked ben to marry me... i proposed with a ring pop.
december 15, 2007
the day ben asked me to marry him. with a proper ring. he got the one i wanted. and i was totally surprised (about the ring and the proposal).

the story: ben and i are snowboarders. so we decided to utilize our season passes to snowbird and snowboard on the unassuming saturday: december 15, 2007. it was a nice break from finals.
so we were boarding like any usual day. i had just gotten stuck in some serious powder so i was tired and mad. ben convinced me we should take a break in the warming hut at the top of the mountain. so we did. as we were on our way back to our boards outside, ben asked if i wanted to take in the view at 11,000 feet elevation. i was still a little mad from getting stuck in the powder, so i grumbled about it but agreed.
ben said, "isn't it a beautiful view?"
and i grumbled... "yes"
then ben asked if he could use my chapstick
(more grumbling)

then when i looked, i looked down to find ben on one knee with a ring out in a little box.
he asked me to marry him.
i started to cry. "YES!" i said
and i fell down on my knees too so we could hug.

i was so surprised. i was sure ben was going to propose at least a couple weeks later.

so i cried and cried and we hugged and kissed and i got to keep the beautiful ring.
i had described to ben what i wanted and he got just that.

he's amazing like that.

next, we immediately went down the mountain to call our families.
we waited to tell our close friends in person without actually telling them (we waited to see how long it took one of them to notice i was wearing a ring).

that night
ben took me to a fancy dinner at the tree room.
best restaurant in utah, i think.
dinner was great. happy. so at ease. because there weren't any jitters. just floating on cloud nine. no one was nervous about proposing to the other person.

ben. you really are the best.
thanks for asking me to marry you.

you're neat.


Mandy said...

love your story! the tree room is where brad and i went after we were engaged!

Rhianne said...

this is lovely, you two are so cute and your hair looks lovely with curls Emily :)

My sister was in a bad mood when her fiance proposed as well, its funny how that happens.

laden backpack said...

I was privy to all of this because of the permission thing. I can still remember where I was when we talked. Joyous days for you two and for all of us too. (note the proper use of two and too..)
Happy days.

Bridget said...

ahhhh love this.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Such a sweet thing!

communikate. said...

Great story! Happy three year ring engagement!

7upkels said...

Gah. You proposed to him with a ring pop?! So cute. And I've NEVER been to the Tree Room. I am going to have to one of these days when I can have my parents take me :)

This is a sweet story. And PS. You have the most beautiful hair ever ever ever!

ahlin said...

cuuuute. i love snowbird. i think the best proposals are the intimate ones when you guys are doing something or are somewhere that means something to you. love it.

Laura said...

my husband and I got engaged on a ski hill, too! he popped the question on a chairlift at grand targhee. I couldn't even ski back down the mountain, I was in such a daze, I just sort of slid. we're so lucky. our husbands could not have picked a more beautiful setting.

kELLO! said...

yowsa! lookin good in the picutres :) yay three year engagement :)

Linds said...

I remember exactly where I was when I found out too.

I love your stories.