people are just people like you

this semester has been... challenging. in good and bad ways.

i've learned SO MUCH. learned so much in my classes. learned so much about people and life.

i had a beyond awful professor this semester. the worst i have ever had in all the years i've been in college and now grad school.
i kept hoping she would get better but she only got worse.
she is arrogant, disorganized, tactless and not interested in whether or not her students learn.

and as much as i wanted to be really mean to her and pull her hair and laugh at her when she said "irregardless" when she meant "regardless" and tell her she has really bad fashion sense...
i remembered that line,
people are just people like you.

it's so strange knowing people only at school or only at church or only at work because you kind of start to think that's all they ever do and they have no outside life.

i forget, so often, that other people have challenges, too.

is that so selfish?
most likely. but part of life is just being selfish. (right?)

but i have also taken away so many good things from this semester.
1/ i know what i want to write my thesis on (for next semester, my last semester) and i am excited. and passionate about it.
2/ i submitted a paper to present at a conference and it was accepted.
3/ i've taken a class from a beyond brilliant professor and i get to take my last class with him next semester.
4/ i've learned that sometimes, things (like writing papers) takes a little more work than i would like but is worth the extra effort.

leaving newsweek was hard this semester. really only because
i miss the quirks, the people and what it once was.
but i'm also baffled i ever got through finals while working a full time job.

so. it's been a challenging semester. but good. good now that it's almost over

*title is a quote from the regina spektor song, ghost of corporate future
**photo was taken in provo, utah at muse music, a long, long time ago


Cassandra said...

having a challenging professor is a most difficult thing for sure.

but so glad you had so many great accomplishments and good things that could overtake the frustration of that bad prof.

shayna said...

I loved this post. Really honest, good visual, well put...and we can all relate.

7upkels said...

What are you going to grad school for?! That is so awesome. I've thought about doing that several times...I guess I just better worry about getting my bachelors degree first!

Also - as for the crazy teacher - I had one too a few semesters ago...surprisingly, I look back on that class, and I took the most away from it. But it wasn't her teaching ways I hated, it was mainly her overstated political beliefs that she made EXTREMELY obvious every single day and it annoyed me (but that's because i extremely disagreed with those political beliefs as well :)

At least Christmas break is right around the corner!

Peggy said...

People are just people--but, sometimes they are watching you!

God is watching over you and you will make it through trying professors and stressful finals. You are loved.

Adele said...

congrats on getting your paper accepted! (: hang in there! i just graduated with my masters and couldn't be happier (: it'll be all worth it in the end, i promise. and there's nothing better than writing a thesis that you really believe in, when researching and writing becomes less of a chore and more FUN (: xo

Elizabeth said...

Some of the best memories I have of college were in the classrooms of awful professors...whether it was moaning with the other students, or laughing to myself about those little mistakes you spoke of, or learning something inspite of the awfulness. Challenges can make the best memories, I think.

communikate. said...

cool lessons learned lady.

this is making me very nervous and excited to be back in school.

so jealous you're almost DONE!!! :)