a very tall christmas tree [d.c.]

i just really love this one of mr. attractivo = ben.
cold noses with the national christmas tree.
three cold noses.
on saturday, while shayna was still here, we attempted ice skating at the sculpture garden but the line was too long and i was too cold.
we'll go back before winter is over, we have to.

then we walked to the national christmas tree to see the pretty lights and the cute little toy trains.

it's always fun to see the tree all dressed up since it's there all year round but only dressed up around christmas time.

and it's tradition. we've gone every year we've lived here.
see here and here.


shayna said...

Remember how Thomas derailed?

kELLO! said...

CUTE. cool how ya did the tree like that.

laden backpack said...

like a moth attracted to a flame, I love the lights, thanks for the post.

Bridget said...

that picture of ben is great and that's an awseome christmas tree. i imagine d.c. is pretty sweet right now.

communikate. said...

that's a sweet tree!!

Peggy said...

Yes, he is one tall tree. Oh, I see the tree with the lights. That is the most light studded tree ever. And that is one studdly man too.