well merry christmas. happy holidays.

front of our christmas postcard this yearthe back of the postcard (with the following text...)

has proved our travel addiction to be simply undeniable.
january, rang in the new year with family in utah.
february, athens, georgia to visit friends.
march, the dominican republic, beach time and to visit the places ben lived when he was 19-21 years old on his lds mission.
april, a weekend trip to nyc, with some emily siblings.
may, ben family gathering at the beach in so. california.
june-august, camped throughout maryland and virginia.
july, philadelphia, utah and the emily family cabin in idaho.
august, weddings in utah and houston (it's hot in august).
september, long weekend in boston, vermont and montréal with some emily siblings.
october, road trip to ann arbor, michigan to visit a ben sibling, niagara falls and a couple other places.
november, weekend in nyc and saint george, utah for thanksgiving.
december, provo, utah for christmas.

emily is the nearing the end of her master's degree at the george washington university in women's studies and anthropology (will need a miracle to finish - in may 2011) and is very grateful for a patient husband and an education.
ben is working at his very cool government job. when not investigating ponzi schemes and investment fraud, ben moonlights as a call of duty player with friends across the country.
and we still love dc. and travel. and each other.
happy, happy holidays.
emily & ben


kELLO! said...

love the new look! cute :)
and i also enjoyed your christmas card.

communikate. said...

Yep, love the new look too!!

Merry Christmas! May the new year bring many more travels!

Amanda said...

i love the new layout! The fact that you are standing on books is way too cute.

merry christmas. xo.

Linds said...

perfect postcard.

i'm excited to see your face soon. counting down the days!

i also think your revise is awesome.

miss lex: said...

so stinkin cute. love it!

Bridget said...

LOVE your new header-- and merry christmas to you emily and ben!!!!

Rachel said...

Cute new design! Welcome to utah!! I wish we were going to have snow on the ACTUAL day for you guys!! Oh well.. the whisperings of it may be enough to count as a White Christmas!! Have a magical one!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Merry Christmas you two!!
Have a wonderful one~

shayna said...

I never knew Ben was so much taller than you.

Rachel said...

how cute - i love this!

Megan Marie said...

so sweet. i love it.