what to do on a saturday night in saint george?

you go bowling.
ben, me
eric (bro-in-law), shayna (sister)
brandon (brother), edee (sis-in-law)
eunnie (sis-in-law), paul (brother)
kristen (sister), alan (bro-in-law)
mom, dad

on saturday in saint george, we got some babysitters to watch the seven children while the adults lived it up at the bowling alley (the only good one in saint george).

i think it's the only time it's been all of the adults alone, out on the town.

if you got a strike, you had to do a victory dance.
i had to use the same pink bowling ball each time.
you clap for your teammates (even if they don't hit any pins six times in a row--- that was me).
be proud of your bowling shoes.

it was super fun. bowling is great because it's cheap and easy going
and it doesn't matter
if you bowl a 68
like i did.


communikate. said...

i can't believe you wouldn't opt out for dixie bowl? it's so classy with it's 1970's feel.

your title pulled me in. it was a question that i asked myself OFTEN while growing up {as i'm sure you and everyone else in town did as well.}

let's plan for a meet up next time you and i land ourselves in st.geezy shall we?

laden backpack said...

bowling is great only diminished by someone talking pictures, he he. Bowling is a stay with it sport if you only do it every five or so years
your score is generally the days of the year divided by the years not bowled. example 365 divided by 5 is about 73,then you subtract the number of years and you come up with 68 which is your score. amazing math, huh

Shokoofeh said...

Very lovely photos, dear Emily! :)

Christina said...

hey 68 is great! :) that's usually what I end up bowling :) although bowling with Zach is great because it gives me an excuse to use bumpers ;) looks like you guys had a blast :)

Miss Bear said...

I heart your darling family!
& I heart your 68 score...thats me too!! :)

Receli said...

So fun!!!!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I totally want to go bowling. Maybe I can convince Christian to go at BYU-H game room when we're there this Christmas.

Rachel said...

SO cute and SO fun!!! Love the pics and the outing!!

ahlin said...

dude. st g is where it's aaaat. i'm glad you could go for the holiday. kind of a bummer it wasnt super warm though huh? oh well, it was still fantastic to be there.

Kimberly Geneviève said...

ohh I love bowling! I always beat Andre:)

Ro Ro Riot said...

That sounds like a blast. I drove through St. George the other day. Here's thinking of you.

shayna said...

Nice balls.

Linds said...

i like pink balls. and babysitters. i like that there were a couple of them :)