winter break? joke is on me...

p.s. i just turned in the last of my papers for the semester. it's always a little anti-climatic turning papers in online... but also more convenient.

and remember how i have exactly four weeks until classes start again?
and remember how i don't really get a huge break


my thesis adviser said that when we meet in january, he wants me to have:

1. an outline of my thesis done
2. a schedule of how i am going to write the thesis and get it done
3. and i need to read a book for the thesis that he and i will discuss once school starts again

not to mention prepare my paper for my conference presentation in february...

oh joy.
but i hope to enjoy just a few days of nothing...
happy no-more-finals day.

*photo of me, recharging my glow-in-dark socks back when ben and i were dating.


shayna said...

We need to get glow in the dark jumpsuits.

C said...

Have you picked a thesis topic? I'd like to read your various papers and thesis

Anna said...

Don't worry, i also need to get crackin' on the old thesis that i have to have a rough draft of by the end of feb. and am still stuck analyzing my data. wooo!
so actually, do worry. but i am right there with ya!

ahlin said...

bah. that sounds like death. good luck.
ps this picture slash the story behind it cracks me up.

Peggy said...

I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief with you. Aaaaaa. Yea! Let's celebrate!

I was wondering where on earth you were putting your glowing feet up/////!

laden backpack said...

remember the tired monk who read the word celebrate and thought it was celibate. Look at all of the problems this has caused for monks through the ages. Be careful about celebrating when the worst is yet ahead of you. A thesis is a downer, after all that writing you have to stand before your
committee and defend what you have said. ugh.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha LOVE that picture :) GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!
Oh and to answer you... I am a Social Science Teaching Major with a Teaching History Minor!

7upkels said...

1. Your home looks beautiful, comfy and cozy.
2. Glow in the dark socks? Amazing.
3. Gah. Good luck with allll that. But you'll do great I know it. Anyone even WILLING to go through all that schooling has something special in them.
4. Enjoy your break!! You deserve it!

Happy Holidays!

Amanda said...

Bummer about the lack of break. Take heart in the fact that you are not alone. I'm taking winter classes and I have a test. At least we get Christmas off, right?